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Mind is everywhere!

There are a lot of things on my mind lately. I have been really lucky with the friends that I have that they let me vent to them so Steve doesn’t have to hear everything (haha). There are just so many things I am very unhappy with and it is getting extremely hard to pretend to not be sad all the time. It’s exhausting.

Halloween Horror Night rehearsals have started, and I am so excited for the event to start. I’m excited to do something that is going to keep me occupied. Hoping that is going to help my mind from drifting…

Anyone going to Mickey’s Not So Scary or Halloween Horror Nights?

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  1. brittanymagical answered: I’ll be going to MNSSHP :-D on Oct 30. I can’t wait!!
  2. frizzylife answered: I’m going to MNSSHP on the 21st! I am going to be a ragdoll
  3. hall-ie answered: yes! Most likely going to NSS on the 5th. :)
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