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Let’s talk about me (aka no one will read this bahaha)

Between working seven days a week, and being in school, I can’t believe I have time for a social life. 

I have been working at Halloween Horror Nights, Gaylord Palms, and Disney and taking an online class and I feel like dropping to the floor! Luckily, my friend Heidi took my pirate shift today (thank the gods, seriously, she’s a life saver) which meant I could actually get some sleep and not be seriously exhausted today. Last night I had work until 2am, ended up being there until 2:45ish to sort out shirts for the cast. I would have had to be up at 6am for work and then have to come home to do a midterm. Let’s just say Heidi is awesome for taking my shift.

I’m about to start on my midterm, I just feel kind of “meh” about it since I am not really passionate about what I am speaking about. I hate writing about things I am not completely sure about, mostly because I love writing and it sucks to be spending time writing something I do not really enjoy. I guess that is college for you!

Life is still confusing as ever. I am so thankful for the people I have met during Halloween Horror Nights because they are so sweet and take the stress out of my life for the most part. I still am unsure about when I am moving to Seattle.

I’m dropping my status at Disney to either part-time or seasonal. I just haven’t picked a day yet.

In Hurricane Sandy news… My dad is currently in New Jersey for work so I am worried about him, I hope he is smart enough to go prepare. Which is he. 

On that note, I feel terrible for ignoring my Tumblr, but literally time does not exist for it. I hope everyone is having a great October! I can’t wait for Halloween on Wednesday even though that means it is my last day of Horror Nights. 

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