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waltdisneyworldfanatic asked:
Hi! I absolutely love your blog, and I noticed you posted about a phone interview, and just wanted to wish you good luck! Is it for a job in Disney? Or somewhere else (sorry if I'm being nosy, I just love hearing about Disney job opportunities, I want to apply to the International Cultural Representative program in Disney World next year)?

Hello! Thank you so much! :D 

And it’s an interview for Disney, yes! It’s a phone screening for a professional internship. Really excited about it!

Thanks for asking! And that’s so cool- what do you want to do down here?

tower-of-terrorific asked:
2, 3, 12, 21, 27! :)

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

Ooo good one! This is actually tough because I’m outgoing when I’m at work or around certain people but when it comes to strangers or someone I like I get soooo shy!

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Let’s just say I’m really excited for a certain someone to get home on Tuesday! :)

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

Hmm! 1) Get Lucky (Daft Punk) 2) I Found You (The Wanted) 3) Home (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) 4) Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) 5) My Oh My (Macklemore) - these are the first five that come to mind right now!

21. What are your bad habits?

Hmm. Biting my nails, forgetting to do laundry, playing with my earrings, and putting my hair up then down then up then down… haha! 

27. Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?

I feel like I look better when my skin is darker! But I’m pretty okay with what it looks like right now. :)


Anonymous asked:
6, 7

6. Already answered this one below! :)

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?

I hope so!!! Unless he’s got other plans…

Anonymous asked:
6, 10, 11, 20, 28, 150

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

Those who can make me laugh! 

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Probably Dan? But David might also count… 

11. What was the most recent text that you sent say?

I just deleted most of my messages but I think it was to Autumn and it said, “Okay! Let me know! :)”

20. Do you like your neighbors?

I don’t know my neighbors, but there’s a weird lady that lives across from me, so I might have to say not all of them. Haha.

28. Who are you most comfortable around?

My family! And my roommates, too. 

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

"Jaws was my Vietnam. It was basically naive people against nature, and nature beat us every day." (from Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective)

Anonymous asked:
So seriously, are you guys like dating now?


Anonymous asked:
Hi! I'm interested in the DCP and had a few q's. 1. Pros/Cons of the DCP? 2. Whats your role/job and brief description of it? 3. Pros/cons of job? 4. Favorite part of program? 5. Means of transportation and getting food? 6. Roomate/living situation pros/cons? How did you find your roomies? 7. Any other possible advice or tips you could give to a hopeful DCP?

Hello! This is a lot of questions haha so I will do my best to answer! I’ll make sure to keep it short and sweet.

As a head’s up, I did my college program Spring 2011 from January to May.

1. Pros/Cons of the DCP

Pros: Meeting new people, getting to enjoy the parks essentially every day, making connections and overall just having a great time. I could say so much more on this but I am so very thankful that I got the opportunity to participate in my program.

Cons: The hours- I didn’t mind working 5-6 days a week, but I was always closing if I was on Main Street. Which I’m also going to say is a pro as well because everyone else in your CP closes, too, which gives you the opportunity to get to know people your age and that’s how I made most of my friends!

2. What was your role? & a brief description of it?

I was in Photopass during my program. At Disney we refer to it as, “Disney Photo Imaging”. And after my program was over, I went seasonal and stayed in that same department and park. Basically, my job was to capture the memories of the guests as they enjoyed their vacation, and even got to get candids of them as they met the characters. I also answered a ton of guest questions because I was on the streets a lot, and we’re usually the first cast member they can find if they’re lost or confused.

3. Pros/Cons of Photopass?

Pros: I love taking photos, so there was that. I got the opportunity to be trained in a really cool area with Rapunzel and Flynn, and that was amazing. You also get to be so involved with the guests that you get to converse with people from all over. I loved that.

Cons: Being outside all day! I love the weather but during the summer it can be really tough. Especially since you’re sweating, but you get used to it eventually. 

4. Favorite part of the program?

So many great memories from my program, this will be tough! I loved getting to hang out with my roommates every night, it was fun getting to come home and everyone would yell your name when you walked in the door. When it comes to work memories, definitely getting to be a villager in the garden with Rapunzel and Flynn. That was by far my favorite area to photograph and become a part of. 

5. Means of transportation and getting food?

I drove my car down from Seattle! So I had my car. I never took the CP buses except during traditions when we were told we had to. I would usually go grocery shopping at Walmart on 535 or go to dinner at Downtown Disney (EARL OF SANDWICH!).

6. Roommate/living situation pros/cons? How did you find your roomies?

Pros: I got to live with some really amazing girls and we all hung out together. There was almost always someone home so you were never bored. Kayla and I also pushed our beds together (apparently that’s not allowed haha) and wore the same size every thing, we got to share a lot of clothes and food. 

Cons: In every apartment there’s going to be times when someone doesn’t clean up, or someone buts heads, but I can’t really remember any certain instances. I think the biggest con is that you don’t have your own space, so it’s really hard to get any alone time. 

We all met online in the Facebook group, and used to Skype EVERY DAY. Seriously. Kayla and I instantly clicked and we decided that we were definitely going to be rooming together. We all decided on the January 10th day, that way we could all go in together and get an apartment together. We had 6 girls all together.

7. Advice for a hopeful DCP?

If you get cold feet before coming, that’s normal. But don’t back out of it. It’s going to be an experience with lots of ups and downs, but if you make an effort down here the benefits will be worth it. 

Don’t be discouraged if you get rejected. It happens, I’ve been rejected for a PI every time they come around, but I still keep applying and getting further each time! You never know what will happen.

Smile during your interview and show your enthusiasm  Come down here knowing you’re going to work but put time aside to play.

Hope this helps! :)

haveamagicalday-x asked:
Hey andrea! I'm planning to get an apartment after my next CP! I was wondering where you are staying and what advice you have? :)

Very cool! How much are you looking to spend? I’ve lived at a few places down here and I’ve always had roommates, too. The place I’m at right now is actually right next door to Universal and it’s $383 a month for rent in a 3-bedroom, but I’m assuming you’ll want to be closer to Disney?!

What park are you trying to live near by? Or does it matter?

encirclemethecon asked:
Hello! I was a CP in Disneyland but recently my girlfriend got accepted for the program at Walt Disney World. She's wondering about the apartments and if you get to pick which one you live in and how many roommates you have? We didn't get a choice in California since everyone lives in the same building. Thanks! (:

No way!

Well, you kind of get a choice at WDW. Depending on when you show up, if they have the room for your first choice, that is where you get to go. I lived in Patterson with 5 other girls. You have the choice of either 1,3,5, or 7 other roommates. Again, it depends on that availability. You also have the choice to live either at Vista, Patterson or Chatham. You can also pick the person that is going to be in your actual room.

Does this help?

just-a-spark asked:
You are adorable! <3


Seriously everyone is being so sweet what is this. Please hug me if you ever see me wandering around MK. Hahaha!

dreamingandwishingofdisney asked:
you look gorgeous in that picture you just posted! :)


Thank you! Seriously, that means a lot. I love your main photo with miss Snow White!

parkinglotprincess asked:
GOOD MORNING! I still haven't gone to bed hahahaha

WHAT HAHAHAHA KATY. I can’t even begin to judge. Last week I was literally going to sleep at noon. We are insane. (btw I miss you and I come back to Florida on Sunday so….)

Anonymous asked:
Are you comfortable with your body?

Oh, good question! I have never been asked this before.

Hmm. I would say yes and no. I have lost about 10-15 pounds since I have moved down to Florida, and that definitely got me a lot more confidence. I bought a dress last year for this formal and I was seriously in shock that it fit the way it did. I was so excited!

That being said, I am comfortable with it mostly. Haha! Right now I just want to be more athletically in shape and that’s my biggest concern right now! I’d love to have my body back from when I was doing track in high school. 

Anonymous asked:
In response to your video. - "So I thought I'd show my face, hopefully it's a good thing." It's a good thing. You're adorable.


Oh my goodness thank you for making my day! That was definitely not a comment I was expecting! You are adorable, too, whoever you may be! :)