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Worked at Pirates League yesterday:
Me: Have you heard of Captain Jack Sparr-
Boy Pirate: DUH I have, he's my second favorite.
Me: Who is your first?
Boy Pirate: Davy Jones, I only like bad guys. I like Star Wars but only the dark side.
Me: So no love for Luke Skywalker then?
Boy Pirate: No no no, but I do like Harry Potter.
Me: You do? But he's good!
Boy Pirate: I didn't say I like /him/, I like the movies! Voldemort is my favorite. I'm just on the dark side.

ATTN: Disneyland CMs and Guests!

What are some MUST DO things at Disneyland, and do you have any tips for going about it? I’m going in January for the first time since I was a kid. What do you got?

Andrea’s Life Currently:

-Working only like 24 hours a week at Disney, eep!

-Applied for 2 Disney Professional Internships

-Got denied right away for the Entertainment/Imaging Management one right away (I literally had all the qualifications plus more EXCEPT I’m not a Junior or Senior in college. Le sigh)

-Waiting for a status on my Creative Production PI application D:

-Signed up for an online class this fall to keep my student status and find a college to transfer to woo! (Taking English 102, hahaha)

-Went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as Captain America

-GAVE UP DRINKING SODA, hello day 4 of no soda! Time to tone up, and maybe get rid of this sock tan… (impossible!)

-My bedroom is almost fully complete since moving in, I just need a dresser and some storage bins

-I literally have NO idea what to do after my lease is up at the end of May (I know it’s far away but still…)

-Andrea’s COOKING watch out! Chicken tonight!

-My friend Josh from Tumblr that I met a year ago is coming to visit next month! Eep!

-It’s way too hot in my bedroom hahaha

Vintage showcase :)!

Going into work from 10pm to 4am tonight to do a walkthrough of the Halloween party for Disney!

Tonight with my leaders I’m going through the Magic Kingdom to get everything set-up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party! That means I’ll have a better idea of exactly which characters will be at the parties, so all of you won’t have to worry anymore because I’m getting TONS of questions about it! Haha.

Anyway, it should be an interesting night because I’ve been up since 7ish so here’s to hoping I don’t fall asleep while walking! Eek!

Me, Will, Topher and Ashley at Universal Studios!

PEA$ aka one of my best friend’s Stacey- we did a photoshoot the other day experimenting with make-up, and this shot was my favorite!

Me and Hedwig had a blast at Universal the other day. Can you tell I’m sweating off the inches? Hahaha

Ahahaha I love my life

The face I make when I leave my debit card at Disney, have my car break down in a ditch, and really crave a Diet Coke at Midnight. Haha, the stories I have from here!

Ah Old Town, you are so much fun.