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New Housing Pre-Registration Process Begins May 2013 for Walt Disney World Participants | Disney Internships & Programs Blog

This is so great! The biggest stress of the day is trying to get there with everyone and even then it usually doesn’t work out. Awesome job, Disney!

DCP Applications Are Out Soon!

For those who don’t know, I did the College Program back in Spring of 2011, so if you have any random questions today, the ask box is open! I need a reason to not to do homework… Hahaha!

Hope everyone else is having a great Thursday so far! 

Friday I become an “Official” Disney Trainer!

I’m just really excited to get my pin!

That being said, who is doing Photopass for their DCP? Or just in general?

I just got home from work and it’s 4 AM o_o

I haven’t worked this late in so long! I don’t know how I did it during my college program haha! I think because currently I’m so used to working mornings, it totally threw me off. But my shift was so cool! I loved every part of it even though I was exhausted and felt like I didn’t really contribute much at certain parts haha but it was a long, cool shift. We got our settings figured out for the parties, got our locations mostly figured out, I got to meet some more Disney people, and walk a ton. Success!

On that note, I have lots of cool and exciting news for everyone! I know lots of people are asking about Rapunzel and Flynn so check back here today (as in Friday) at 6pm EST for a post about that.

And with that, I bid you all goodnight! And if any of you actually see this post, which I highly doubt because it’s the middle of the night- you are awesome.


Me, Will, Topher and Ashley at Universal Studios!

Partners in crime together on Rip Ride Rocket in the front row. Basically the ride went a little something like this: “TOPHER!” “ANDREA!” “AH!!!!!” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” “OKAY WE LIVED LET’S HOLD HANDS.”

Will was super excited about the arcade!

Me, Ashley, Will and Topher all hanging out behind the Hogs Head in Hogsmeade today after each enjoying a frozen butterbeer- shh! :)

The first week of my college program and the last day of the Spring Advantage 2011 program all combined into a video montage made to “Dog Days Are Over” and the Wishes firework medley. *I’m working on getting the HD version uploaded. If you’re looking for a summary of the Disney College Program, here you go!



Okay, well, sort of.

Once I get back to Orlando it’s goodbye soda and junk food and hello home cooking and water.

So, I think it’d be appropriate to keep you all updated on how that is going! I’ll be exercising, eating better, and hopefully feeling way better about myself, too. If I make any meals that are either cheap or quick (or both!), then I might post it on here because I know a ton of my followers are doing the Disney College Program and that would help them a lot!

I’m not trying to lose weight but I am trying to tone up and feel healthier.

Anyway, here’s my official “before” picture, since I’m about to run outside in my swimsuit (in Seattle, too- who knew right?!)

If there’s anything you think I should keep you updated on, let me know!

In other news, I am started to get back into swing dancing again and now I’m super excited to return to Orlando so I can get even more involved there!

Miss you all back in Florida! Thank you Seattle for being so wonderful so far!