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Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Worked at Pirates League yesterday:
Me: Have you heard of Captain Jack Sparr-
Boy Pirate: DUH I have, he's my second favorite.
Me: Who is your first?
Boy Pirate: Davy Jones, I only like bad guys. I like Star Wars but only the dark side.
Me: So no love for Luke Skywalker then?
Boy Pirate: No no no, but I do like Harry Potter.
Me: You do? But he's good!
Boy Pirate: I didn't say I like /him/, I like the movies! Voldemort is my favorite. I'm just on the dark side.

Still, by far, the best commercial for Food & Wine at Epcot

Disney worker killed in single-vehicle crash near Magic Kingdom

I am in absolute shock. John, you were so much fun to work with and always so sweet. We lost an amazing cast member today.


They were AMAZING in Twisted, first of all.

Also, coolest people ever to hang out with. Derek & I got to meet most of them, took photos, and they signed our posters! And we got invited to drinks but I think that was a fluke hahaha! Although some girl told me she hated me because of it… Oh well.

Back to Disney tomorrow, meh. 

Peter Pan and Wendy Darling during parade!

Photos by Andrea DeBrino

Aladdin and Jasmine in Agrabah!

Taken by Andrea DeBrino

Meeting Chewbacca at Star Wars Weekends!

No words, I’m in love!

For the followers that were curious… here’s the newest Wine Talk! With special guest, Alex Gerard

NEEDED! Questions for Wine Talk!

Hey guys! We’re filming another Wine Talk this Wednesday and I need your questions- it can be about ANYTHING!

You can either submit them here, or here?