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Random Disney Memory 0.1

I figured I needed to start remembering all the good moments I’ve had working at Disney, so I’m going to start putting them here instead of in my planner.

I was working with Rapunzel and Flynn one day, and before they came out, we had a dance celebration. This little boy got so shy that he hid around the corner by the wall while everyone around the table joined hands. I went up and introduced myself, and told him I was a villager from Rapunzel and Flynn’s village, and that I know how scary it can be to dance with people his age.

He just shook his head so I put down my camera and asked him if he would dance with me. I held out both my hands, and he grabbed them really tight, and instead of doing the dance they were doing around the table all he wanted to do was jump up and down and spin in circles with me. Once the dance was over, and we were suppose to let go of our hands to throw them up in the air, he kept hanging on to me until Rapunzel and Flynn came out.

He was so sweet. I remember my friend Will looked over at me and laughed because he thought it was so cute.

It’s memories like this that motivate me to go to work because we as cast members really do have so much power in being able to make someone’s day.

Flynn Rider’s last day: I forever have the paint stain from the balloons on that tank top. Worth it!

Who knew you could ever get paid for spending literally all day with your friends?

Throwback in the Fairytale Garden!

This is the story of how I di- well, of how I met my boyfriend from working in Fairytale Garden

During my college program at Walt Disney World I received some great news from my leader- I was being chosen to be “Tangled” trained. Now, for photopass, when you have a Tangled shift, you are scheduled there all day, 8:45am to 7:30pm, with one other photographer, 2 character attendants, and Rapunzel and Flynn. In order to work there, you had to receive training which was super selective since they only needed two people there a day, so needless to say- I was SUPER excited and completely nervous about it. I heard that everyone who worked in the garden was already a family and that everyone hung out with each other outside of work: basically, I felt like I was about to intrude.

Anyway, so my first day working Tangled we’re all on our lunch at the Snuggly Duckling when a pirate named Steve happen to sit with us, too. I thought he was funny, he certainly was capturing the attention of everyone else at the table because everyone likes to listen to his stories. I didn’t really talk to him at all actually.

A few weeks later, when I got off work, me and Angela decided to get Panera Bread and that’s when we decided to move in with each other… Both of our leases for the college program were ending the same day. While we were apartment shopping, we had this conversation:

Angela: “What do you think of Steve?”
Andrea: “Who?”
Angela: “He’s a character attendant…”
Andrea: “OH! The one who sat with us the other day?”
Angela: “Yup.”
Andrea: “Uh… I don’t know him at all.”
Angela: “Well, he thinks you’re cute.”

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Coloring at the table in Fairytale Garden! :(

Ah, the good ol’ days.

Flynn Rider’s Last Day Collage

"Alright, now make a wish!"- Flynn’s last day at Walt Disney World, and my personal favorite photo from that day. Thank you Kiara for taking this of us!

The Story of How Flynn Rider Died: The Castmembers of Fairytale Garden

When I was told I was going to be trained to photograph at Fairytale Garden, I was ecstatic and terrified. I was scared because everyone over there literally spent all day together: Rapunzel, Flynn, the two character attendants and the two photographers. Because of that, everyone became a family and Fairytale Garden became a “work” home for most of the cast members over there.

That’s how I felt when I started working over there a few times a week, that I had a place at work that I looked forward to going into and to work at. 

So as Flynn departed the Fairytale Garden on July 2nd, a group, including myself, from Fairytale Garden were the last ones to wish him a farewell because a part of us was leaving, too: Flynn Rider became one of our best friends.

Rapunzel, Flynn, Rachel and Me

A small portion of the Fairytale Garden members- I’m in the pink!

Leaving the gate open for Flynn’s return, one day :)


July 2nd, 2011: Flynn Rider’s Last Guests

Flynn’s by far my favorite, and I am going to miss him a ton :(