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This is the story of how I di- well, of how I met my boyfriend from working in Fairytale Garden

During my college program at Walt Disney World I received some great news from my leader- I was being chosen to be “Tangled” trained. Now, for photopass, when you have a Tangled shift, you are scheduled there all day, 8:45am to 7:30pm, with one other photographer, 2 character attendants, and Rapunzel and Flynn. In order to work there, you had to receive training which was super selective since they only needed two people there a day, so needless to say- I was SUPER excited and completely nervous about it. I heard that everyone who worked in the garden was already a family and that everyone hung out with each other outside of work: basically, I felt like I was about to intrude.

Anyway, so my first day working Tangled we’re all on our lunch at the Snuggly Duckling when a pirate named Steve happen to sit with us, too. I thought he was funny, he certainly was capturing the attention of everyone else at the table because everyone likes to listen to his stories. I didn’t really talk to him at all actually.

A few weeks later, when I got off work, me and Angela decided to get Panera Bread and that’s when we decided to move in with each other… Both of our leases for the college program were ending the same day. While we were apartment shopping, we had this conversation:

Angela: “What do you think of Steve?”
Andrea: “Who?”
Angela: “He’s a character attendant…”
Andrea: “OH! The one who sat with us the other day?”
Angela: “Yup.”
Andrea: “Uh… I don’t know him at all.”
Angela: “Well, he thinks you’re cute.”

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Andrea’s Life Currently:

-Working only like 24 hours a week at Disney, eep!

-Applied for 2 Disney Professional Internships

-Got denied right away for the Entertainment/Imaging Management one right away (I literally had all the qualifications plus more EXCEPT I’m not a Junior or Senior in college. Le sigh)

-Waiting for a status on my Creative Production PI application D:

-Signed up for an online class this fall to keep my student status and find a college to transfer to woo! (Taking English 102, hahaha)

-Went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as Captain America

-GAVE UP DRINKING SODA, hello day 4 of no soda! Time to tone up, and maybe get rid of this sock tan… (impossible!)

-My bedroom is almost fully complete since moving in, I just need a dresser and some storage bins

-I literally have NO idea what to do after my lease is up at the end of May (I know it’s far away but still…)

-Andrea’s COOKING watch out! Chicken tonight!

-My friend Josh from Tumblr that I met a year ago is coming to visit next month! Eep!

-It’s way too hot in my bedroom hahaha

Ah, Florida, the summer of storms… & apparently naps and movies.

It’s been raining here every single day for ages! And it’s been pretty amazing. I don’t mind the rain at all.

Today I had a rover shift which means I have one land assigned to me and I take candid photos as I’m walking around from 9am to 2pm. I was in Fantasyland, which is my favorite to Rover in, but because of the rain I was really only limited to taking pictures of families on Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Once the rain let up, I got pictures of kids trying to pull the sword out of the stone, people on the carousel, and just random photos of people posing behind the castle! It’ll be interesting to find out how many pictures made it on the Magic, The Memories, and You! tonight!

Once I got home I read for a little bit and then passed out for a little bit of a nap! Now I’m reading again, my book is ALMOST finished! Ah I’ve been trying to finish this book for ages.

The rest of this week is going to be awesome in terms of my work schedule. I’m Pirates League tomorrow and Friday, and then sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow all of Saturday, which is one of my favorite shifts.

I’ve seen lots of cute kids these past few days and it makes my job worth every second!

Also I have lots of exciting news but I’ll save that for tomorrow :)

Things I don’t understand: bragging rights that don’t exist

One thing that has really irritated me lately is people who claim they know someone before they got famous, or before a big breakthrough, and etc etc.

Like everyone who got their panties tied in a bunch because people were super proud of Alan in the last Harry Potter filmed, and Tumblr blew up with posts saying, “REBLOG IF YOU LIKED ALAN RICKMAN BEFORE HARRY POTTER.”

Okay, people, calm yourselves! Haha, seriously, who cares if you knew him before? No one seriously cares.

Like, for instance, I knew Blake Lewis before he was even on American Idol, but I don’t think that makes me cooler than anyone else. Not that he’s a huge person to know haha but you guys get my point.

Point being, STOP ARGUING OVER A FAN TIME LINE. Because if that person’s parents ever happen to come across it, they got you beat, they were fans of that person their whole life.

I’m just more tired of all this unnecessary tumblr/youtube drama that really has no point in being there. This is a community to share interests in, not fight over them. That’s why I love it so much, people don’t make fun of me for liking what I love.

I ain’t even mad!

Just saw Super 8 with the Tangled peeps,

like usual, haha. And by Tangled people I mean my two lovely friends Maddie & Angela! And let me just say, it was badass. I loved it. Every minute of it. The whole movie caught my attention and I was totally drawn into the story line. I am definitely going to bust out the money for the special edition when it comes out on DVD hahaha. But really. I am going to hunt for the movie poster later.