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Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade by Andrea DeBrino
July 1st, 2014

Peter Pan and Wendy Darling during parade!

Photos by Andrea DeBrino

Wendy Darling

Photo by Andrea DeBrino

Aladdin and Jasmine in Agrabah!

Taken by Andrea DeBrino

I was really excited about the cast preview (yes this is old haha)

Yes! So awesome. Glenn you are the best. This is what I look like at work, and also how I probably lost weight (check the bag!)

Whenever a guests hands me their camera and asks me to take a picture and they don’t say of what, I usually tend to take a self portrait, and they usually don’t notice until after they look through their photos.

Apparently I took this beauty… Thanks, Glenn! :)

All geared up for work!

Me at work! :)

Disney Memory 0.3

This one actually occurred while I was visiting the park as a guest, not working! But it happened right as I started working at Fairytale Garden with Rapunzel and Flynn.

Flynn and Rapunzel used to come out to dance with all of their friends before meeting them. When the last day of the dance was announced, my friend and coworker, Ethan, and I decided that we would be present for it! Since Rapunzel’s line was always about 3 hours long, we knew we had to be there first thing in the morning. We decided this after getting off work at close to 4AM.

We got to the park for opening, only surviving on maybe 3 hours of sleep. We also had to work later in that afternoon until the morning as well!

We were able to see her during her 10:15am show! It was actually my first time being in there to meet them instead of just taking photos of them. When Rapunzel came out, she came over and gave me a big hug before dancing with everyone around the table.

We colored, we danced, we took photos with Pascal, and we had the most fantastic time meeting Rapunzel and Flynn. I had so much fun that day getting to know my new family and getting to spend it with Ethan!

Afterward, we decided to go meet some other friends such as Angelica, the Step Sisters, and some of the princesses before heading into work. It really was, as they say, a magical day.

Tips for Photopass at Walt Disney World:

Photopass (know as Disney Photo Imaging to Cast Members) is a no obligation service at the Walt Disney World Resort that enables you to take photos at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon for free

The best thing about these photographers is that they are non-commissioned, non-quota based which means you get to approach them for a photo- they won’t force you! When you see a photographer, ask them for a photo, and afterward they will hand you a photopass card. HOLD ONTO THIS CARD, and immediately take a photo of the code on the back of it, so that if you lose it, you won’t lose your photos as well.

There are photographers all over Walt Disney World. In front of the castle, the sorcerer hat, the tree of life, with the characters, and all around that it’s hard to not see one during your vacation.

You can take as many photos as you like during your trip, and those photos will last on your card for 30 days. Once you get home, you can order your photos online. Once your activate your card online, you have 30 days to order them. OR, as you exit any four of the main parks, you can get them printed in person in the last building on the left before you leave. You can also get them at Downtown Disney and various resorts.

If you are someone who might be interested in having all of your photos on one CD, check out this deal that not only includes all of your photos from your card for one price, but your DINING AND ATTRACTION photos as well. This is called, Disney PhotoPass+, and you can get a special preorder here 14 days before your visit. Here is there Facebook page with FAQ about this product.

Your photographers can take special requests (if you want just the kids, or a romantic one of you and your significant other, or doing something silly- they love your ideas and have lots of their own!), especially if you have taken a photo in front of the castle a billion times and just want a neat one facing main street instead. Ask for “magic shots”, where Tinkerbell can fly into your photo, or stitch can enjoy ice cream next to you on a bench, or you can even get smooched by Prince Naveen! 

Photopass Photographers can even take photos on your own camera as well! But be sure you have a strap on it, a lot of photographers don’t want to risk dropping anything that you have and most won’t take it unless there’s that extra security.

Here’s some examples of some fun photos you can get with these photographers!