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Random Disney Memory 0.1

I figured I needed to start remembering all the good moments I’ve had working at Disney, so I’m going to start putting them here instead of in my planner.

I was working with Rapunzel and Flynn one day, and before they came out, we had a dance celebration. This little boy got so shy that he hid around the corner by the wall while everyone around the table joined hands. I went up and introduced myself, and told him I was a villager from Rapunzel and Flynn’s village, and that I know how scary it can be to dance with people his age.

He just shook his head so I put down my camera and asked him if he would dance with me. I held out both my hands, and he grabbed them really tight, and instead of doing the dance they were doing around the table all he wanted to do was jump up and down and spin in circles with me. Once the dance was over, and we were suppose to let go of our hands to throw them up in the air, he kept hanging on to me until Rapunzel and Flynn came out.

He was so sweet. I remember my friend Will looked over at me and laughed because he thought it was so cute.

It’s memories like this that motivate me to go to work because we as cast members really do have so much power in being able to make someone’s day.